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Essential Oil Bottle

Get Quality Amber Glass Essential Oil Bottles China

HK Zion being listed amongst top manufacturers and suppliers of amber glass essential oil bottles China. The company was established with an aim to cater to all requirements of pharmaceutical industrialists, and laboratory experts who often need essential oil bottles, injection vials, amber glass jars and other tablet containers for their daily use. HK Zion Bottles being known as one of the finest amber glass bottle suppliers from China offers quality like no other.

Apart from it, we also deal in providing packaging solutions for cosmetic and glass bottles at economical prices throughout the market in China. We aim to aid you to expand your business by supplying our valuable product offerings to make you meet all the demanding needs of your local customers and markets.

Approach us if you’re looking for the best amber glass bottle suppliers in your town

Yes, having the right amber glass bottle suppliers can make a big contribution to your future business success. Discover amazing new product ideas and fresh up your current sourcing list with HK Zion Industry Co Ltd – the best and pharmaceutical bottles and amber glass bottle suppliers from China.

By selling such a high-quality product at a reasonable price, we put all efforts to make our customer’s / buyer’s life prolific, and this service also gives us an opportunity so we can help those retailers and buyers who are struggling to leverage their business, and get a productive life ahead.

What makes our Amber Glass essential Oil bottles stand out?

When it comes to providing bottles for storing essential oils, then HK Zion boasts of providing quality products as our amber glass bottles are made of pure glass. All of our glass bottles are particularly designed for storing massage oils, spritzes, creams, perfumes, pure essential oils, lotions, and other natural products.

Moreover, we offer a wide array of amber glass bottles online as well to facilitate you with all products based on the capacity of your essential oils.

Best Uses & Features of our Amber glass bottles

The best product is one that is versatile enough to get used in multiple applications. That’s what we execute in our business plan being a demanding amber glass bottles suppliers. Our glass bottles are best to use for;

• Making a DIY hand sanitizer

• Carrier oil for travel or purse

• Using as a dry shampoo for stinky dogs

• Sleepy pillow spray

• Mattress Refresher

• Roller Bottles, &

• As a car diffuser

Best Features

Some highlighting features of our amber glass essential oil bottles are;

• Clear and hygienic

• Safe, secure, economical, convenient and refillable

• Perfect for applying diluted essential oils, perfume oils, blends, or other liquids directly to the skin

• Available in a variety of colors including; purple, pink, blue, red, green, and other different colors

• Roller bottles with smooth stainless steel rollers or glass rollers

• You can carry in your purse, perfect for travel

• Best to use for powder and liquid product application like; lab use, e-liquid, essential oil, sample beverage, and many others.

Double the protection against UV rays

Versatile and highly functional, these amber glass jars are produced with thick glass and offer double UV protection than other clear vessels. These amber glass containers are the best choice to store food, cosmetics, bath products or any product that have a sensitivity to light.

These exquisite collection of amber bottles and essential oil containers are available in varieties of styles. You can choose from the classic glass roller bottles, with sprayers, droppers and dimensions and even amber plastic bottles. With the silver caps, sprayers, droppers you can also go through the collection of brush caps.

You can get your whole production line, choosing from the huge selection of the essential oil containers with multiple closure accessories.

Flexible and smooth sprayers

To purchase these essential oil bottles in China at the lowest possible prices buy in bulk quantities save a lot. Our essential oil bottles are paired with flexible smooth black fine mist sprayers, made of polypropylene and hold protective hoods. An excellent option for packaging products that are to be applied by misting either a perfume, air freshener or aromatic oils.

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