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Why You Should Choose Amber Glass Bottles

Bottles made from glass hold considerable value in numerous industries and are often crucial to their core operations. An example of the industries that depend on these are medical to cosmetics, homeopathy, aromatherapy and naturopathy. These bottles are designed quite efficiently and come with some high performance features that allow them to store and secure liquids and solids for specific time frames.

Amber glass essential oil bottles play an important role in our day to day lives as they are used to store and secure the essential oil that we use to keep our skin healthy. To ensure that the essential oil maintains and retains its aromatic properties, the bottle must either be made from amber glass or must be a cobalt blue glass bottle.

There are a few types of glass bottles that are divided on the basis of features, benefits, types etc.

Materials & Benefits

The bottles are manufactured using two types of glasses, hydrolytic Class 1 and borosilicate. Aside from that, the amber variation is created with the purpose of offering top notch protection and maintaining integrity of the bottles contents, even if they are extra sensitive.

 This quality is found in amber glass bottles in general and is not specific to a particular industry. As far the benefits go, the bottles are designed to be incredibly durable and resistant to chemical erosion and degradation. Cobalt blue bottles are more expensive than amber glass bottles. Aluminum bottles are also available but it must be insured that there insides are lined.



If categorized on the basis of design, there are mainly three types of Bottles. Borosilicate, molded and tube type. It depends on the design of the mouth. It could be wide, standard or crimped. It’s also categorized on the basis of the application of the bottle.

As far as essential oil bottles are concerned, they are available in sizes ranging from 5ml, 10ml to 15ml. But, expensive essential oils are available in size as little as 2ml. Categorization on the basis of application depends on the industrial and usage context and can be stated as amber, chemistry, medication, shell, perfume sample, sterile, prescription, sterile, small, serum type and much more




Plastic bottles are the current industry standard and compared to them, Amber glass bottles are more in demand and are considered to be more effective when used for the safe storage of both liquid and dry materials. Amber bottles are also known for their quality of safely storing light sensitive liquids such as aromatic oil or other essential oils.


Their ability to resist dust particles and other impurities and being able to maintain the temperature of their contents is the reason why recent medications and other relevant items have long shelf lives.

Since essential oil bottles are more expensive than other bottles and their contents are more sensitive, it is advised that these bottles are kept in wooden crates so that they don’t fall or break, stay organized and are easily accessible. You can find tons of option for crates online.

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Published 26-Jul-2018