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6 Smart ways to Reuse Empty Essential Oil Bottles

Oil bottles are found everywhere from hospitals, clinics, to our houses; from kitchen shelves to hairdressing tables, and in clinics, medicine tables; the amber glass bottles are found everywhere. But, what if these bottles are not more useful for you? Will you throw them in trash box, or will bring it other uses very creatively?

I think you’ll definitely go for the latter option, right? Anyhow, in this post, you’ll learn many different ways of using empty essential oil bottles, let’s get started.

Best ways to reuse empty essential oil bottles

A little bud vase: The best creative use of these amber bottles is, add two or three flowers in the bottles, and turn them into your little flower vase.

Make it your decorative bulb! Clean all empty essential oil bottles thoroughly, remove the oil dropper, and other parts of the cap, and now gently cover the bottle over each bulb on a string of lights. This will make the best decorative item for your party

Fill a bottle with your carrier oil or cream: You can use them as your homemade cream, or oil bottles. Create a DIY face serum to moisturize your skin daily. The best picks for doing this could be; Tea Tree, Geranium, and Rosemary. So, store your new serum in an empty essential oil bottle.

Use the bottles to store your toiletries for travel: You can also take these bottles by keeping toiletries in it for travel. Things like face serum, hair oil, and baby powder fit easily in a little EO bottle; plus, they'll free up that truly necessary space in your portable luggage.

Attempt your hand at a DIY custom mix with the last couple of drops of your most loved oils. You'll cherish making one of a kind fragrance to use in your diffuser, and you can store your creation in a vacant oil bottle.

Use it as a multipurpose deodorizer: Surprised to learn this? Yes, you can also take use these amber oil empty bottles as a multipurpose deodorant. Stuff a cotton ball in the jug set the top back on, and abandon it for three days.
Take the cotton ball out—utilize tweezers if important—and put it anyplace that could profit by an invigorating fragrance: inside stinky shoes, at the base of a waste can, in a duffel bag, and whatever another place that needs a sweet-smelling makeover.

Take your empty bottles to a local glass recycler: A glass recycler can surely make it usable again! Once it gets recycled, then make sure to place it in such a position so that it won’t tip again. Besides, you can also refresh your drawers or closets by removing the lid of a nearly empty bottle and letting the aroma invade the space.

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Published 23-Nov-2018