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Get Quality Pharmaceutical Tubular Glass Vial & Pharmaceutical Glass Bottles 

HK Zion Co Ltd is one of the leading pharmaceutical glass bottles and pharmaceutical tubular glass vial suppliers in China. We excel in manufacturing oil bottles, injection vials, medicine packages, and infusion bottles etc. 

The strong trust and an extended support of our satisfied customers and clients have made us successful to build the name, and our own identity in pharmaceutical glass bottles Industry. Our diverse range of products range includes; standard products as dropper bottles, medicine and syrup bottles, injection vials and a pharmaceutical tubular glass vial, as well as tablet and ointment jars or wide mouth puckers.

Adding our products to your stock can help you boost your business to a great extent, fulfill all your product requirements, and can help you lift up your business. Our bottles are cohesive part of the final medicine; that’s what makes us curious about the quality and reliability of our products.

We can also manufacture customized products in massive amount. The volumes of each glass bottle and vial range from 3.5 ml up to 1000 ml bottles.

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Pharmaceutical tubular glass Vials & Bottles - Our Strengths

Our beautifully crafted pharmaceutical tubular glass vials covers all the huge collection of glass vials and bottle our glass vials are the perfect container and solution for health and beauty products, essential oils, medications and laboratory purpose. We have everything from tiny glass vials to glass bottles with thousands of neck sizes and sleek finishes appropriate for every manufacturer

Glass vials are crafted with care in clear glass and amber colors to protect sensitive fillings to sunrays and harsh weather conditions


Glass vials for pharmaceutical use are always our best collection. Many of our glass bottles are friendly to offering droppers, pipettes and other dolling out supports for your liquids. These glass bottles and glass vials are the perfects solution for medicines and oils which are given in measured dosage and proper dispensing capabilities. We also offer screw cap glass vials to ensure that all your medications and products are well protected till it reach the final consumers.


For laboratory use, our glass vials are durable enough to be reused and can hold a number of different types of liquids, pills, and powders. Made of high-quality soda lime glass, our inventory of laboratory and medical glass vials is highly recyclable and can withstand temperatures over 200 degrees Celsius. Their durability makes them a solid choice for various sterilization processes.

Customer Satisfaction Is Our Top Priority

We do not only claim, but we practice what we preach! Unlike other manufacturers in town, we not only make sound promising to customers, but we make our every word count to make it worth believing. we being the top manufacturers of pharmaceutical glass vials and bottles make sure that material used for making glass bottles, and other such products are totally pure and free of offensive chemicals. 

We provide free samples to our customers, provide the bulk of pharmaceutical items with unbeatable discounts; this is how we work to win our client’s trust, and make them satisfied with our services. We give our client an aggregate answer for their bundling needs by giving best of frill for each and every bottle produced in our company, be it a Pharmaceutical glass bottle or glass vial; all these are available in reasonable prices than other goods in the market.

Are you expanding into new markets or identifying a new glass bottle range for your existing products! We bring you the ease of getting all new wholesale prices and bulk quantities with excellent quality so you can have confidence knowing that your products are highly compatible with the new bottle designs.

Striking features of our Pharmaceutical Glass Bottles

Following are the few striking features of our cosmetic and pharmaceutical bottles, and injection vials;

All glass bottles are light in weight and resistant to breaking. The pumps don't defile the item inside. The apportioning activity guarantees less wastage of item and its profoundly refreshing for its smooth finishing and sturdy quality.

Apart from providing safe, hygienic, top quality, and reasonable pharmaceutical and cosmetic products, we also make efforts to help your business reach its full potential by leveraging the immense production capacities of our plants to guarantee you high quality, best pricing and on-time delivery. Our Annealing & Automated Quality Check section assures flawless & unbreakable bottles.

If you are not sure which glass vial size you need for your essential oils or other products, ask our experienced team members for assistance. We’ll even ship a free sample of your preferred glass vial size so you can see it in person before making a buying decision.

Why Us??

1. Providing free design service and free sample for you to  test.

2. OEM service: we can make customized bottles based on your samples bottle or drawing.

3. Custom service and multiple choice for meet different custom demand ,such as the color ,size ,capacity, printing  craft, printed color of the vial.

4. Prompt reply your email or inquiry within 24 hours

5.short lead time.

6. Providing matched sealing parts for vials ,such as caps, sprayers, glass dropper, rubber stopper and so on.

7. From Planning, Design, Manufacture, Printing, Filling, Packaging and Shipments of through-train services.

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